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  1. The Incredible Shrinking Church

NPR covers the satellite efforts of megachurches , that have them shrinking back to smaller sizes.

The Incredible Shrinking Church

The idea came when they realized people were driving more than 30 minutes to come to church, which kept them from being involved in the life of the church. The multi-site efforts allow churches to be both big and small.

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Anne Jackson August 9, We currently have one satellite venue but are starting regional campuses all over the KC metro. We are on the far west side of the metro thus the name Westside Family Church and we have people coming minutes.

watch So we will build east and out of our white suburbia into all parts of the area reaching all kinds of people with truth. Justin Broome August 10, And Willow Creek is doing that with video technology, with pre-recorded sermons on DVD and elaborate simulcasts on video screens. Is seeing a dynamic speaker on a DVD or on a video screen better than having a real person in front of people?

The Incredible Shrinking Angry Guy

Technology is great, but it will never have the same impact as a face-to-face relationship with someone who loves God with all their heart. Renewal and Reform is about a message of hope, through changed lives and transformed communities, as people discover their vocation to love God and serve others. Renewal and Reform is not a top-down project to fix the church, but a narrative of local hope in God shared throughout the church.

As part of Renewal and Reform, we are currently consulting on how we better release the gifts of all Christian leaders in church and wider society, whether ordained or not. In a word, Mr Hubbard has looked in the cupboard and found it to be bare.

These numbers mean that the Church of England is very shortly going to be desperately short of full time, decently educated and properly trained priests. I will come back to the decently educated and properly trained aspect in a minute.

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Why this obsession with colour and racial origins? Why should the racial origins of the ministers be precisely proportionate to those of the parishes they serve? Everyone walking about has a brain we suppose , yet hardly any of us are brain surgeons.

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