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  1. May 7-9 | Chapel Hill, NC
  2. Inclusion in Early Years Settings
  3. Inclusion Resources
  4. Inclusion Resources – KU Children's Services
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We work with families to provide early learning programs and specific support to children with ASDs, including creating inclusive environments that are responsive to the interests and abilities of each child. Research highlights the vital role early childhood education environments play in providing a secure and nurturing environment for children exposed to trauma. To support children, our educators collaboratively develop emotional care programs — enabling the creation of an environment within their Goodstart centre that is safe, secure and reliable to ensure the best care for the child is provided.

Our programs create a high quality early learning environment that helps achieve the best outcomes for these children by helping them to form relationships with others that foster trust, consistency and predictability.

May 7-9 | Chapel Hill, NC

Our centres are equipped to support families facing disadvantage and when situations change. We will discuss various pathways of how we can support families with local support services to help alleviate a situation. Many Goodstart centres currently utilise Foodbank or other Food Co-ops to provide extra food for families and children or work closely with local agencies to run cooking nights with families at the centre. Talk to your centre director about how Goodstart can support you.

Inclusion in Early Years Settings

At Goodstart, we embrace cultural diversity within our centres. We continually strive to facilitate meaningful participation for children and families from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds. We do this by building cultural competence in Goodstart centres at individual and service and systems levels. Our centres partner with our families to support their needs from helping to coordinating access to inclusion support agencies and bicultural support programs, engaging interpreters if required, to collaborating with inclusion support agencies and building educator capacity by working in partnership with bicultural workers.

It is the ability to understand, communicate with and effectively interact with people across cultures. This enables our educators to bring new ideas, culture understandings and practices back into our centres and build knowledge for children, families and colleagues.

Supporting cultural and linguistic diversity in early childhood

The cultural immersion and community outreach program provides an unique opportunity for our early childhood educators to work within a remote Western Australian Aboriginal community. The secondments support the Fitzroy Crossing community by providing additional services to children and families. Goodstart recognises and respects Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples as the First Peoples of Australia and as the custodians of the land on which our early childhood services are offered. Read about our Vision for Reconciliation here.

Australian families are making the most of Goodstart's new nine and 10 hour sessions and maximising their Child Care Subsidy. Thanks to Goodstart's new sessions, many families are able to make the most of their Child Care Subsidy. Read about one family here. Goodstart's new nine and 10 hour sessions are helping families make the most of the new Child Care Subsidy. Celebrating Pride Month with Preschoolers. June 8, November 7, December 3, September 18, September 12, August 23, August 16, August 8, Young Children are Scientists.

July 25, July 15, Environments and Risky Play. July 12, The Love We Deserve. July 2, June 27, September 2. August 3. July 4. June 2. May 3.

Inclusion Resources

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    Inclusion Resources – KU Children's Services

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