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His employment with G. In Wood left G.

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In —90, Dr. Wood is a specialist in Canaanite pottery of the Late Bronze Age. They have four children and nine grandchildren. Wood disagreed with Albright's identification of Et-Tell as the biblical Ai that was burned by Joshua, favoring instead the site with the modern name Khirbet el-Maqatir, located one km to the west of Et-Tell.

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A significant find here was the ruins of a Late Bronze fortress. Wood's publication of results came to the preliminary conclusion "that the LB I fortress meets the biblical requirements to be tentatively identified as the fortress 'Ai, referred to in Josh. Wood is known internationally for his study of the archaeological results for Jericho , particularly his investigation dealing with City IV, the level associated with the destruction by earthquake and fire in the time of Joshua. Although John Garstang dated this destruction to about BC or shortly before, the later excavations and publications by Kathleen Kenyon redated this level to BC, a date that is not compatible with any reasonable biblical chronology.

In , Wood published a paper to the Biblical Archaeology Review , arguing that the date of the destruction of the residential area of Jericho should be returned to about BC, in agreement with Garstang's initial conclusions. For a discussion of the debate that includes more recent radiocarbon considerations that support Wood's research, see the Jericho chronology dispute article.

Wood's reexamination of the Jericho data should be recognized as a major contribution to the understanding of the history and archaeology of Palestine. Garstang, John, "Jericho: City and Necropolis.

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Comfort, Terra sigillata : la ceramica a rilievo ellenistica e romana , Roma : Istituto della Enciclopedia Italiana , ? Robert S.

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Introduction to Ancient Greece: Pt. 2/3 - Pottery

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New York, Watson- Guptill Publications [c Gisela M. Richter, Attic red-figured vases, New Haven, Yale university press ; Susan I. Rotroff , Hellenistic pottery: Athenian and imported moldmade bowls. Princeton, N.