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Livia is a small electronic device that promises to help end your period pain. TENS have been hugely popular since the s, used to treat a host of muscular pains and conditions. Whilst a TENS Unit may seem like nothing new, there has never been a device developed specifically for period pain before.

Livia says it has specifically designed the vibrations to alleviate the pain from menstrual cramps. Whilst the effect of the device may vary from woman to woman, it is completely safe and side effect—free. There are two small gel pads attached the device that can be stuck onto the skin near the site of pain commonly the lower stomach or back.

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The small coloured device then discretely clips onto to your pants or other clothing. Livia works immediately and one charge lasts for 15 hours. It takes four taps to move the indicator, so it has 16 intensity settings. First, I was shocked by how small and light the device was—a dainty two-inch square. I could easily clip it to the top of my trousers or skirt and have the device go undetected.

However, if it did peek out, the sleek design looks similar to that of a fitness device or MP3 player, so it raises no queries if others see it if that is something that puts you off. Download Flash Player. Go to the artwork description. This portrait of Livia, wife of Augustus, belongs to the tradition of Roman Republican portraiture and illustrates the classicizing style that triumphed during the reign of Augustus. This official portrait served the propaganda of the essentially monarchist regime installed during the late first century BC under cover of a restoration of the Republic BC.

This basanite head is a portrait of Livia born circa 57 BC, died in AD 29 , comparable to her effigies on coins and hardstone cameos such as the one in The Hague.

Livia, a member of the Roman nobility, played a major role in the foundation of the Julio-Claudian dynasty. Her children from a first marriage to a member of the Claudian family were adopted by Octavian Augustus, whom she married in 38 BC before he became emperor. This work is a fine example of the propaganda of the new regime, which claimed to be a mere restoration of the Republic rather than a monarchy.

In reality, almost all power political, military, and religious was now in the hands of one man: Augustus. Livia's hairstyle is one that was highly fashionable from the mid-first century BC: a roll of hair "nodus," in Latin over her forehead, with a little bun at the nape of the neck and a short central braid hidden by a veil in this portrait. The austere features link this face to traditional Republican portraiture, which served to vaunt the merits of the ruling class. The work also illustrates the classicizing style that triumphed during the reign of Augustus 27 BC-AD 14 : official portraits were idealized in reference to fifth-century BC Athenian classicism, thereby expressing Augustus' desire to affirm the restoration of a "golden age.

Basanite is an extremely hard material that gives an almost metallic sheen to this head, so that it resembles bronze portraits from the same period. However, the hieratic quality, the strictly frontal presentation, and the refinement of the material also recall the royal art of Hellenistic Egypt. This has been interpreted as a deliberate reference to Octavian's seizure of the kingdom of Cleopatra VII after his victory over Mark Anthony and the Egyptian fleet at the Battle of Actium.

This portrait probably dates to the period just after that battle, circa 30 BC, when Livia was 27 years old. Ordered on 7 Sep and received on 10 Sep. Packaging and product as described.

The Off Switch for Menstrual Pain

Thanks for the additional free skin. Yet to try the product though. Hope it works! Used it the first time to day and my cramps disappeared within a minute! Recommended to all my friends and family.

This is life changing. Prompt delivery. Will try this month when my period hits to see if it works.

Livia - Wikipedia

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Livia’s Hideaway 1

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