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  1. What is High Availability?
  2. Shared folders in a failover cluster
  3. 10971: Storage and High Availability with Windows Server
  4. High-availability cluster
  5. MOC A Storage and high Availability with Windows Server

Ensuring there are data backups will help ensure high availability in the case of data loss, corruption or storage failures.

Windows Server 2012 R2 Failover Cluster Concepts

A datacenter should be able to quickly recover from data loss for any reason to maintain high availability. Please check the box if you want to proceed.

What is High Availability?

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Make it easier Essential Guide Browse Sections. This content is part of the Essential Guide: Server uptime and hardware failure guide. This was last updated in March Cryogenics should not be confused with cryonics, the Login Forgot your password?

Shared folders in a failover cluster

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In most cases, attached storage should contain multiple, separate disks logical unit numbers, or LUNs that are configured at the hardware level. For some clusters, one disk functions as the disk witness described at the end of this subsection. Other disks contain the files required for the clustered roles formerly called clustered services or applications.

10971: Storage and High Availability with Windows Server

Storage requirements include the following:. To use the native disk support included in Failover Clustering, use basic disks, not dynamic disks. We recommend that you format the partitions with NTFS.


A disk witness is a disk in the cluster storage that's designated to hold a copy of the cluster configuration database. A failover cluster has a disk witness only if this is specified as part of the quorum configuration. If you are creating a failover cluster that includes clustered virtual machines, the cluster servers must support the hardware requirements for the Hyper-V role. Hyper-V requires a bit processor that includes the following:.

High-availability cluster

Confirm compatibility of the storage : Confirm with manufacturers and vendors that the storage, including drivers, firmware, and software used for the storage, are compatible with failover clusters in the version of Windows Server that you are running. Isolate storage devices, one cluster per device : Servers from different clusters must not be able to access the same storage devices.

In most cases, a LUN used for one set of cluster servers should be isolated from all other servers through LUN masking or zoning.

This provides the highest level of redundancy and availability. If you are implementing a multipath solution for your cluster, work closely with your hardware vendor to choose the correct adapters, firmware, and software for the version of Windows Server that you are running. Skip to main content. Exit focus mode.

MOC A Storage and high Availability with Windows Server

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