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  3. Ten Tips for a Better Confession
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Pray to them to help you to confess well—that each concession you make is better than your prior confession.


Have a good examination of conscience booklet and then find a quiet and contemplative place to examine your conscience. Utilize the crucifix and Divine Mercy image to elicit sorrow and trust.

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You can try to write down the sins so that you will not forget them once in the confessional. Also, pray for your confessor—to his guardian angel—before you enter the confessional. One of the classical steps to make a good confession is contrition but also firm purpose of amendment. This entails rewinding the film of your life and seeing the various falls into sin. But also to capture what were the preceding causes that led to the sin.

Maybe it is a person that jeopardizes your spiritual life. Maybe it is a recurring situation at work or family? Maybe it is your physical state of weariness? Still more, maybe it is some improper use of the electronics media and lack of prudence? You will often notice a pattern that is established that leads to the slippery path and collapse. The Church highly recommends the use of Sacred Scripture as a means to prepare us for a better reception of the Sacraments.

Two excellent passages I would recommend: Luke 15 and Psalm By praying Psalm 51, you have one of the best Acts of Contrition ever composed, by none other than King David after having committed adultery with Bathsheba and killing an innocent man. The saints highly recommend frequent confession as a most efficacious means of growing in sanctifying grace.

Confession either restores sanctifying grace or it augments it. Of course this presupposes a thorough preparation.

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Each sacrament communicates grace. However every sacrament communicates a specific grace pertinent to that specific sacrament. For example, the specific sacramental grace communicated in the Eucharist or Holy Communion is that of nourishment. It is the Bread of life for the journey on the way to eternal life. The Sacramental grace of Confession is different. It is healing!


7 Life-Changing Financial Confessions

Furthermore, He came as Divine Physician. Time and time again in the Gospels we see Jesus healing. The blind, deaf, deaf-mute, lepers, paralytics, even the dead, were healed and brought back to life by Jesus. Even now, within the context the Mystical Body of Christ, Jesus heals us. In the Diary of Saint Faustina, the most important qualities of a good confession are highlighted in Adhering to these qualities, you cannot go wrong.

Ten Tips for a Better Confession

Remember, we want to strive to make better Communions and Confessions until the end of our lives. Even though you might fall frequently, never give in to discouragement. Some bad habits have possibly clung to us for decades. Anxiety In columns.


Rashes In columns. Acne In columns. Dry Skin In columns. Painful Joints In columns.

Great Confessions of Faith

PMS In columns. Hot Flashes In columns. I can decipher what your body is trying to confess to you and help you become more in tune with your own body. Together we can make a plan that is specific to your body. The plan we create will nourish, educate, and empower you through nutritional and lifestyle changes.

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My perception of my health was that all in all, I was in great health. I am a good weight and exercise regularly. I believe the body is speaking to you every day. Whispering what it needs, what it wants us to avoid, how we should treat it and so on I told her no because I get constant very nasty headaches. I told her my doctor just told me to take Excedrin and to have them with me at all times. Lorelei took the time to talk with me and suggested a diet specifically for me.

My symptoms are almost gone!

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