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Nick Cutter. Project Nemesis A Kaiju Thriller. Jeremy Robinson. Dead of Night. Jonathan Maberry. Brian Evenson. Reviews Review Policy. Published on. Flowing text, Original pages. Best For. Web, Tablet, Phone, eReader. Content Protection. Read Aloud. Learn More. Flag as inappropriate. It syncs automatically with your account and allows you to read online or offline wherever you are. Please follow the detailed Help center instructions to transfer the files to supported eReaders.

Continue the series. See more. More in horror. Her last memory is of her own fiery death on the prison colony Fiorina And yet she lives. Stronger, fiercer… changed. Ripley discovers that military scientists have learned how to breed Xenomorphs, creatures with which she somehow shares an empathic link.

The course is set to take the Aliens to Earth. Based on the screenplay by Joss Whedon, acclaimed author A. Alien: Sea of Sorrows Novel 2. But the planet known as New Galveston holds secrets, lurking deep beneath the toxic sands dubbed the Sea of Sorrows. The Weyland-Yutani Corporation has secrets of its own, as Decker discovers when he is forced to join a team of mercenaries sent to investigate an ancient excavation. Somewhere in that long-forgotten dig lies the thing the company wants most in the universe—a living Xenomorph.

Centuries ago, his ancestor fought the Aliens, launching a bloody vendetta that was never satisfied. That was when the creatures swore revenge on the Destroyer…Ellen Ripley. All Rights Reserved. Dracula Unbound. Brian W. With the fate of all humanity at stake, Joe commandeers the ghostly transportation and rides it back to Victorian England, where he enlists the aid of a powerful ally, the author Bram Stoker, in the battle to secure Earth.

Dead Space: Martyr

But to prevent the coming apocalyptic nightmare, they must first confront and destroy the most cunning and deadly being the world has ever known: Lord Dracula, the immortal vampire. An ingenious reinvention of the Nosferatu myth, Dracula Unbound is a breakneck thrill ride from one of the most revered names in science fiction and fantasy.

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Bestselling Series

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BOOK REVIEW – Dead Space: Martyr by B.K. Evenson | Alternative Magazine Online

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